The Archive contains approx. 850,000 slides in various formats, subdivided into different topics. The Archives is constituted not only by thowsands and thousands of pictures taken by Graziano Arici but also by many acquired archives since '40's to '70's and other important historical acquisitions. The Archives are organized in 280.000 files.

The portrait gallery contains many thousands figures from the international world of art, culture, music and performance since '40's to now.

All the main international cultural events in Venice are covered since 1947.

There are several thousand slides on Venice, including, for example, the largest collection of images of La Fenice Theatre prior to the fire and the most important series covering the Jewish Ghetto of Venice. Furthermore, the Venice archives include images of monuments, art and culture in the city as well as day-today life, then a series that deal with the environmental deterioration and the problems of safeguarding the urban heritage.

In this Archive there is the most important aerial documentation about the Venice Lagoon. Moreover there are images and reportage of cities and countries worldwide and other worldwide reportages. Images can be transmitted throughout the world.